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{January 28, 2010}   In the Beginning…

Anniversary Outfit

This is Crystal!  She’s looking for a nice outfit to wear for her Wedding Anniversary within a $60-$70 price range.

Judging by other photos you’ve shown me, you seem to favor earthy tones, which really work for you.  I would suggest this dress.  The waist sits at the base of the ribs, which accentuates the smallest part of the torso making you look longer and leaner.

Pair it with this pendant from Forever21.  The dress is modern and sophisticated, but this pendant will bring a vintage flair and add more character to the look.

*Note:  The higher the heel, the leaner it makes your legs appear!  I would throw on a pair of black or brown pumps with this outfit.  To be a little more daring, try a pair of metallic flats like these:


We have about $10 left to our budget so I’ve chosen a few inexpensive items to help accentuate your lips, eyes, and cheeks.

For eyecolor I’ve chosen E.L.F Brightening Eyecolor in Nouveau Neutrals.

E.L.f. Essentials Regular and Waterproof Mascara duo in black

And E.L.F. Brightening Eyeliner in Midnight


I’ve chosen e.l.f. Mineral Blush in Peachy Coral.


Since we’re going neutral for the eyes, let’s be a little bold on the lips with e.l.f. Essentials Lipstick in Gypsy.

There you have it!  A sophisticated evening dress, a vintage-looking pendant, and inexpensive cosmetic choices all for just over $68!



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