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{December 19, 2010}   New Years Eve Party

This is Sonja!  She’s looking for a dress to wear to a New Years Eve party at her friends house.  There will be beer, games, and all sorts of fun!  She already has plenty of makeup and accessories, so our budget of $80 should get us pretty far!

Sonja is a tall woman, so the empire waist will show off all the right curves while elongating her legs and making her appear thinner.  This dress plays up the bust line just right and will work to hide the tummy.

The print on the dress already provides a statement, so we wanted the shoes to be quietly interesting.  Paired with a pair of black tights, they will add a sophisticated look to this, and nearly any dress this season.

Wear these black tights for a long legged look.

Add a pair of silver chandelier earrings, chunky ring, and bangles, and you’ll have a nicely casual outfit for a fun New Years party!

To turn this into a work outfit, throw on a black blazer and a strand of pearls.

For hair, I picture something like this:

You’ll want some sparkly metallic eyeshadow, and nude pink lips to round out your look for the evening.

All together, this look cost a total of $88, about $8 over budget!  (I believe she already owns a pair of black tights, if so, then we’re right on budget!)

Hope this helps!  Enjoy your night!



Caro says:

Empire waist and black thighs is spot on. That’s also a fantastic pattern – and black-and-white is so stylish!

But you forgot one thing that seems missing in the photo: A bra that truly fits well. 70% of women wear the wrong size, and the right size makes every outfit look like a million bucks, especially if one has a big bust like me (or this woman). It does good things for one’s posture, as well. Besides, it’s muuuch more comfortable 🙂

Thank you for bringing that up Caro! Mine isn’t very big so I tend to forget details like that. I’ll try to remember it in the future and recommend places that reviews say give good fittings.


Caro says:

Well, I’d say Bravissimo’s website is a good place to start for help at least 😀 Also, I see a very embarrassing typo made by me up there. Tights, I meant. TIGHTS. Sorry! *blush* The bra thing is on my mind a lot because my breasts are in the way a lot (haven’t been able to wear button-down shirts since I was fifteen), and I can’t walk up stairs without a good bra. Bounce-bounce-bounce, y’know 😛

Brought to you by a Caro who is reading for her final exam (calculus 4d, it’s called) and it’s well past midnight n stuff 😛

Sonja Marie says:

Emily, thank you for taking the time to suggest an outfit for me. I can’t wait to get the dress and tights! When I get them, I’ll be sure to take a picture for your blog!
Since talking to you in chat, I’ve been more inclined to be a little bit more fashion conscious! You’re inspiring me to make a statement with my clothes, not just find something to wear. Thanks for taking the time to make me feel beautiful!! You’re a great friend and I love your advice.

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