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{December 30, 2010}   Out on the town with the family


Meet Kristin.  She’s looking for an outfit to wear out with her family and has a budget of $100.  She wants something that is casual, but appropriate for a night on the town.

We’ll want to emphasize her curves, and I’d like to add a little femininity to her boyish style.

Here is a floral dress from Forever21 that should hit a few inches above the knee.  It’s lovely and feminine but isn’t too dainty for Kristin’s style.

We’ll throw a fitted denim jacket over the dress to avoid being too girly and add a little interest to the florals on the dress.

A great pair of tights really brings an outfit together this season.  The color has a similar tone to the dress and jacket but will not detract from the loveliness of the dress.

Add a pair of shoes the same color as the tights and you’ll create a long legged effect that will make you look thinner and more feminine.

We’ve got a few bucks leftover, so we’ll throw in this really cute cuff bracelet.  It’s polished, flirty, and just too cute to pass up!

All together, this look cost exactly $99.48!  A denim jacket over a floral dress, with opaque tights, matching heels, and a flirty cuff is trendy and perfect for a night out with the family or a Sunday brunch with the in-laws.


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