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{March 15, 2011}   Maternity Wardrobe for under $500

Sorry for the long delay inbetween posts!  My computer crashed and I had to wait until I could get a new one.

A friend asked me to come up with trendy ideas for maternity outfits, so I thought I’d do a little better and come up with an entire wardrobe for $500. It wasn’t until I purged myself of 3/4 my Maternity Wardrobe that I realized that I’ll probably need them again someday.  If you’re planning on having multiple children, it’s a good idea to invest in some classic pieces for a Maternity wardrobe.  So I’ve been hunting down classic pieces that will last through the seasons and will most likely still be in style 10 years down the road.

A crisp white button up blouse has been in style for decades and I don’t see it as going out of style any time soon! It can be worn for work or with cami and shorts for a more casual look. I found this one at the Gap for $44.

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans! I personally couldn’t survive without them! It’s one item that you should never skimp on and that I consider to be a “major” purchase.  Granted, I have found great inexpensive pairs that fit me wonderfully, but I’ve found that the pricier option put up with way more abuse. Here’s a pair I found on shopbop for $180.

One essential item for any wardrobe is a little black dress.  You can wear one for date night or glam it up with accessories for a black tie event. I’m a fan of the wrap dress because it flatters almost any silhouette. 

I found this one at the Gap for $59.

A simple blazer can be worn for work or over a graphic tee for a rock-n-roll look.

I found this one at Motherhood Maternity for $35.

A good tee will take you far!  I like ones that can be worn under blazers, with skirts, jeans, or even under dresses! My favorites can be found at Downeast Basics.  They’re not specifically maternity but the one I bought before I got pregnant was wearable and covered my belly throughout pregnancy! They’re durable too so I bought 8 of them!

The Wonder tee is $11

A good pair of trousers is essential for a working soon-to-be mother. This pair from Old Navy is comfy and inexpensive at only $29!

A wardrobe isn’t complete without a nice fuzzy cardigan! Here is one I found at Topshop for $76.  It’s perfect for fall or early spring!

There you have it,  a classic wardrobe for the mother to be for under $500!  All you need are some accessories, jewelry, and shoes to make these classic wear-all pieces your very own style!


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